Food - Venice

Ristorante Riviera, the Italian elegance

Rivieria is a restaurant located on the Fondamente Zattere al Ponte Lungo, in front of the Giudecca Island. During warm days, you will be able to sit on the beautiful terrace by the canal to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Venice. For the most romantic ones, my best advice would be to catch up a table to appreciate the sunset while drinking a glass of Venetian wine.

At Riviera, GP Cremonini, the owner, carefully chooses each of the wines that are on the menu. Indeed, if a wine is proposed to you, it means that he personally went to the vineyard, met the producer and tasted the wine in order to be completely sure that it is of high quality and that it will match its fine cuisine.

The restaurant offers a choice of 1 (only for lunch), 2 or 3 courses menu from the Carte as well as three degustation menus composed of 7 courses. The first one is named “Sott Acqua”, a menu proposing only cuisine from the sea, the second one is the “Terra Emersa” composed of dishes from the land, and the last one is called “Di Qua e Di Là” a savoury mix of Sott Acqua and Terra Emersa.

I chose the Sott Acqua menu and it was a pure delight from the amuse bouche to the dessert. My favourite courses were the sea bass and oyster tartare, the risotto with squid and its ink and the mackerel with pumpkin and burned leek. No doubt about the freshness and quality of products that are simply exceptional! This is why you won’t be proposed the same courses over the year, depending on the seasons.

If you come to Riviera for its cuisine, you will not only leave with your taste buds dazzled but also with your mind full of memories and great conversation with GP Cremonini. Indeed, the owner will brighten up your day thanks to its solar personality and passion for healthy and beautiful products.

At Riviera the service is absolutely perfect, you are not treated as a client but as a host!


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