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Maison Sauvage, the 100% instagrammable Brunch in Paris

In the heart of the historic area of Saint Germain des Prés, you will find that charming restaurant cover with climbing ground ivy. Maison sauvage “Wild house” in English, is a truely popular adress of the golden Parisian youth, one will always comes and returns to this institution of brunch !

The visual atmosphere is absolutely well-suited to its name. This human-sized establishment is composed of three main spaces: the terrace which is, in my opinion, its number one asset, an entrance with three or four small tables and a room on the upper floor that serves mainly winter and was therefore closed when I came (I could not describe it tho… sorrry).

The decoration is finely elaborated in a country-house spirit. There are a lot of hand-made items like the cute straw baskets embroidered in the name of the restaurant and the neigborhood or like the straw-braided lampshades with a “wind-damaged” finish. The overall decoration is very wild, as the name suggests, I am completely fan of the “hide in the forest” effect that lets us imagine the large branches that encompass the whole building. Although they are fake flowers, the effect is successful !

Talking about food, you will find yourself faced to three option ; whether you choose to take the “Brunch Sauvage” or the Brunch à la carte or the menu à la carte. No matter which one you choose, your tastebuds will fall in love…

The first option is at 25€ and is composed of avocado toasts on which you an add poched eggs and/or salmon, of yoghurt with fruits and granola, of one freshly pressed fruit juice and of one hot drink ! The plates looked delicious and my friends told me that it was extremely savorous.

Then, you can have the Brunch à la carte, which offers a lot of delicious choices: banana pancakes, acai bowl, benedict eggs, baggel or ricotta toasts, every one will be able to find its happiness !
I took the benedict eggs with smoked salmon and I have to admit that it was one of the best I have ever had (and trust me I am an expert lol !)

Last but not least, one of my friend ate the salmon tartare, which is not on the Brunch Menu but on the lunch one and apparently it was righteously-seasonned !

My overall opinion :

I was super excited to finally test this brunch that everyone is talking about in Paris and wasn’t disappointed at all ! Located in one of the most charming neighborhood of Paris, Maison Sauvage blends impeccably in this urban Landscape.
The menu has something for everyone, the food is delicious yet I would just say a flat about the Matcha Latte that I found honestly not drinkable. But as we say, no one can be perfect, rigth ?


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