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Vecchia Roma, 100 years of tradition

Since 1916, the restaurant Vecchia Roma, in English “Old Rome” is considered as a reference in the heart of Rome. It is located on the hill of Esquilino in one of the most ancient cultural zones of the capital. This restaurant is well known not only for its culinary specialties but also for its strategic position. The restaurant is at proximity of the stops Vittoria Emanuele, Termini and San Giovanni, therefore the greatest part of the tourist attractions are easily attainable.

This classical cafeteria was founded in 1916, at that time it was named “vini e olli” that is to say “Wine and (olive) oil”. Italian came to play cards, drink some good wine and spend happy Roman afternoon. Actually, nothing as really change in 100 years.

If you whish to have dinner, I strongly recommend you to book a table few days in advance as it is always full, you can come without but you will have to queue for a while.

After the stone entrance, you are directly immersed in a typical atmosphere! Wooden chairs and tables, red walls and exposed brick arches. People talking loudly, hands waving! No doubt, you are in Italy!

The chef offers a perfectly mastered classic Roman cuisine like the famous Spaghetti alla parmigiana flambé (spaghetti with vegetable parmesan) and the Bucatini all’amatriciana flambé (Bucatini with bacon and pecorino). The menu presents a wide choice of meal so that everyone can find its happiness!

we tasted the Spaghetti alla carbonara and the Bucatini all’amatriciana and it was a pure delight, rich yet not too much, a work of genious !

+++ : Pastas cook in a parmesan wheel !


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