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My top 3 brunchs in Seminyak

Kim Soo

Seminyak is full of stylish cafés and concept stores, but Kim Soo surely sets itself apart. From the floor covered with small tiles with Greek motifs to the marble tables and the sumptuous linen cushions; a piece of Santorini in the tropics!

Once at the table, dive into the various “breakfast” options that the menu offers, such as banana and caramelized bacon toast or grilled artisanal flour leavened bread with pumpkin and white beans hummus.

The main dishes at Kim Soo are as varied as their selection of exotic household items! Try Western favorites such as mushroom risotto or spicy pork bread served with sweet potato fries or enjoy hearty chicken or lamb butter curry, white jasmine rice, cucumber and mint.

+++ : Strolling around the shop while enjoying a piece of homemade cake and an organic tea.

kim soo-cafe-bali-1.jpeg

Elgin Avenue Café

Far from the agitation of Sunset Road, Elgin Avenue Café plunges you in an industrial space giving you the sensation to be in a restaurant like you can see in Sydney.

The menu is just like the decor, simple and comfortable, every taste is allowed ; Benedict eggs invite themselves to the same table as the English brunchs and French toasts. Talking about drinks, everything is served; from tea to homemade fruit juice to fabulous milkshake. Their coffee (Gayo) comes from Aceh, a province located on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, they are very proud of it and I understand why!

Do not hesitate to run to Elgin for successful brunchs and breakfast !

+++ : The manager confides me that takes place in the back room private parties and exhibitions, perhaps you will have the chance to be invited there!


Nalu Bowls and Shelter Café

It is not about one but two restaurant that I am going to talk now, why ?

Strictly speaking, Nalu Bowls is not a a restaurant but a stand, located in a tiny hided street of Seminyak. If you are curious enough, you will notice a staircase on the left leading to… Shelter Café !

Both of them form a single place and it would thus be possible for you to be served the menu of the Nalu on the rooftop of Shelter.

Directly on the street, the first one is specialized in smoothie bowls, every ingredients are fresh and local and their homemade granola is a pure delight ! Nalu is the Hawaiian world for “wave” and taking a closer look to the menu, you can see that every bowl is named after very famous waves such as Maverick or Pipeline.

Its pair worker, Shelter, offers unpretentious dishes just like at home ; fresh salads, gourmet sandwiches, burgers and pastries.

When the stifling heat of Bali is too much felt, you can refresh yourself thanks to their of fresh fruit juices, smoothies and their own selection of coffees while enjoying the freshness of their garden rooftop.

+++ : For every person having dietetic restrictions, Shelter proposes vegan or vegetarian options for the great majority of its menu


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