Food - Bali

Lazy cats : my favorite brunch in Ubud

This coffeehouse, located in Raya Street, welcome you in an environment that make you feel like if you where in one of those relax restaurants of Berlin, the top floor of the old building is carefully preserved, with wild plants growing in the slots of the walls and in the holes in the straw roof (do not be afraid, it do not leak when it is raining, it is actually a part of the concept!). I have loved the old school armchairs and the big sofas. The scent of coffee and fruits combine perfectly with the chill music that is broadcast.

What is on the menu? From soups to smoothies bowls and avocado toasts, Lazy cats offers you a tasty, delicate and full of surprise cuisine.


Special feature:  For those who will find the decoration as cool as I do, know that every painting are for sale!




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